Georgia update: Our state record bowfin was broken a few weeks ago (See picture). The previous record from 1976 was bested by this fish. This 16 lb, 3 oz, 33 1/4"-inch whopper beat the existing state record by three ounces. Congratulations to Jimmy Tucker of Statenville who caught this monster in the Suwannee River. See our website for more details.
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Tim B, 07/19/14GA

Bowfin. Amia calva. Beaverfish. Blackfish. Choupic. Choupique. Cottonfish. Cypress trout. Dogfish. Grindle. Grinnel. Grinner. Lawyer. Mudfish. Poisson-castor. Scaled ling. Shoepick. Shoepik. Shoepike. Shupik. Speckled Cat.

One tough fish, many strange names. The bowfin has been around more than 150,000,000 years. Dinosaurs? He watched 'em disappear. Sabre-tooth Tiger? Yep, she saw 'em come and go. B@$$? A 12-million-year old rookie! Perfectly adapted to his niche, the bowfin is a survivor from the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic Era.

We are The Bowfin Anglers Group, the web's premier bowfin angling site. We are dedicated to the pursuit of this great native species and to the education of the uninformed angler who has too often heard this fish called "trash". The Bowfin, with its partner the Gar, claim the title "America's Toughest Sportfish For 100,000,000 Years!©" Almost all of our group started out chasing "those other fish," but upon discovering bowfin, we discovered a whole new world of fun.

Perhaps you dropped in from a link on another fishing site, from discussions enthusiastic, "A great fighting fish, eager to hit anything in your tackle box" to the ludicrous "Their slime is poison - don't even touch them!". Thank you for stopping in, a sure sign of intelligence and natural inquisitiveness. There are many Myths surrounding the bowfin so browse around with an open mind and see what you may be missing.

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